From Joanie's customers, clients and friends

Readings and Healings:

Hi Joanie,
"I want to thank you for a fantastic presentation on your jewelery...you
did good! It was so nice to see you again...Thank you for your
encouraging reading last Thursday, it helped me to relax about the new
house. Jeanne"

Energy Singing:

"...I'm sure glad I had the experience. Your singing was the best part, too, very uplifting!"

"Hi Joanie,

Thanks for being such an awesome 'beeming"
Love the necklace...
So glad to meet you. I suspect our paths will cross again.

Blessings and light

Daily Forecast News:

"Thanks so much - I am in the Bay Area now. I love reading your divinations..." Shakti


"Hi Joanie,
I wanted to share my experience with the orange necklace I got recently from you:

I was surprised when looking at the Colour Therapy Chakra Wear collection to be drawn to an orange necklace because orange is not a color I wear.

It took me three trips to the display that Saturday to make a selection. Reading the tags I leaned toward a blue necklace that would enhance my business endeavors; the orange one’s tag spoke of accomplishing goals. Finally, I walked away wearing the orange necklace and the results have been impressive.

The next day I found myself making progress in some areas that I hadn’t been able to move on for weeks. Just getting off the dime was cool—progressing was great! It wasn’t a one-day wonder either. As I wore the new necklace or kept it in my pocket (I put it on my nightstand, too—I wanted it close to me!), I continued to progress.

I am amazed. I’ve added experiences to my intuitive and intellectual acceptance that the energy of colors affects me.


Regarding Joanie:

"Joanie, I sure enjoy your happy creative spirit and hope to continue to get to know you better. Love and Light, Kay"

Daily Forecast News:

Subject: Fabulous
"Thank you for the daily forecast. I love it. You are a remarkable woman..."
Blessings of love and light,

Daily Forecast News:

"...By the way today's forecast was right on the money for me!!! Thanks!"

Daily Forecast News:

"Hello Joanie,
Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the insight of the daily forecast. Today was interesting in that I had decided that I would spend some time in my "Ocean" room and then I read the forecast and the color fit what I am needing today. I was very pleasantly surprised. Just wanted to share that with you."

Daily Forecast News:

"...I enjoyed your web site and your jewelry is beautiful. I really like the daily forecast news and am sending your web site to a few of my friends."
Thank you so much,

Public Speaking:

"Hello Lovely Lady! thank you!! just yesterday you crossed my mind... I had planned to write you to say thank you for your wonderful. presentation! "

Public Speaking:

"Thanks for a great talk last night. It was really fun and interesting and useful information! I used some of the techniques today. I love learning new little tricks like that that make life easier and more joyful. I appreciate your sharing yourself and I am glad I was there. Blessings, Krysta"

Energy Singing:

Coming from a scientific point of view, I can see why so many people who experience Joanie's singing meditation report the kind of physical changes they do. Such as improved health and the absence of pain previously felt.

Any musician knows that if you have an auditorium full of tuning forks and they are all the same. that is, they are all tuned to the same note, you only need to strike one and all the rest will begin to vibrate in sympathy. That is why Joanie's Energy Singing event can cause physical changes in our bodies. A note can be felt and actually cause changes in organs and/or parts of the body that would otherwise not be moved. Perhaps That is just what happens. It moves us.

Tulalip WA





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